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Origin: Nicaragua

Altitude: 2300ft.


The Chavarria family has been growing coffee for 50 years. The latest to continue this family tradition are brothers Diego and Leslie. Their farm, El Dorado, was given to them by their father in the early 90’s. By 2006, the brothers came upon a new form of coffee business, Direct Trade. This offered them fair prices, even better prices than the NYSE. Direct Trade has allowed the brothers to improve working conditions at their plantations as to produce better and more coffee. More importantly, it allows them to pay their workers above the average minimum wage of coffee pickers, provide more balanced diets, education, and improve the condition of their homes.


El Dorado is home to over 100 people year round, and Direct Trade Coffee provides better living conditions and health for their children as well as vocational outreach for young adults.


El Dorado is located in the heart of Nicaragua, in the region of Matagalpa, with an altitude of 700-900 meters above sea level. All of the plantations have been chemical free for ten years. This change was made to improve the health of all those that become a part of this coffee’s family;


the workers, the animals, roasters, and all the consumers. Diego and Leslie are committed to improving their coffee and all the lives it involves, touches, and reaches.


This is a quality high grown coffee that has the lemony, chocolate flavors that buyers of Nicaragua washed coffee look for.

Nicaragua Cafe Diego

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