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About Us

Rapha Roast


For the past several years, Marco, Co-owner of Rapha Roast Coffee, has traveled throughout the world, spending time in Africa, Lebanon, the Saudi Arabian Peninsula, Europe, Thailand and Afghanistan serving people in the midst of their struggles. As he spent time with them, he found that the challenge, regardless of the country he was in, was the same. How to find common ground in order to be effective. Even among those he served, attempting to establish a connection within various parts of the world can present its own set of challenges. Cultural and personality differences can be difficult to overcome.

One common denominator Marco found to be helpful in establishing relationships, was a good cup of coffee! After all, there’s a coffee shop on virtually every corner of the planet. Finding commonality with someone while enjoying an amazing cup of coffee is not an exercise, it’s an experience.


What is it about that hot cup of “Joe” that helps tear down barriers and allows people to just be people? From the “Sweet, chocolatey, and slightly fruity notes” associated with Sumatra Orang Utan coffee, to the “aroma of black tea, peach sweetness, and grapefruit-like acidity” of a great Ethiopian Yirgacheffe roast, coffee brings people together like no other beverage on earth.


It’s that  “pick me up” right when you need it most, or the “Ahhh” when you need to relax. It’s as if that incredible bean, sought after for millennium, actually had healing characteristics in every flavorful mug.


This was the inspiration that birthed Rapha Roast Coffee Company. We are a boutique, small batch coffee roaster, specializing in Single Origin, Direct/Fair Trade and Rainforest Certified Coffee beans from Asia, Central & South America, and Africa. We roast utilizing a fluid bed “air roasting” system that extracts the unique profiles of these treasured beans. A genuine love of the complexities of this amazing jewel is what drives our people to give you the best coffee you can find.


Whether you’re a coffee “snob” taking a tour around the world with our exceptional offerings or you’re just someone who wants a great coffee to mix with your favorite creamer, experience Rapha Roast Coffee for yourself.


Be inspired!

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